Top 10 Best CRM Software in 2019

Best CRM software

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Customer relationship management (CRM) software is known for managing your contact lists, but it can do much more. CRM applications allow you to monitor the quality of your customer relationships and transfer this data to other systems.

List of the best CRM software and tools that every company should know:

1.CRM Creatio

Creatio CRM is the most agile CRM platform for medium and large companies that allows them to accelerate sales, marketing, service and operations that ensures improvised customer satisfaction. It has many good capabilities that are very powerful and at the same time is very user-friendly for the Customer.

2.HubSpot CRM

HubSpot’s simple platform allows Customers to get started quickly without even changing much. It is simple and fast and has most of the features of other CRMs. HubSpot is probably the most powerful CRM integration tool that others do not provide for free. It is a flexible and powerful software.

3.Salesforce CRM

Salesforce CRM is a global leader in cloud customer relationship management and offers creative tools/software that can be used effectively for all businesses, from large companies to small start-ups.

Salesforce CRM is hosted on the cloud, scalable and therefore very easy to use. Customizable and provides a platform for growth and improvement. Supports mobility and integration.

Salesforce CRM really helps to understand customer needs, which means new approaches to help customers, solve problems faster and offer fast and clean deployment. With a solitary vision, we can try to sell, serve and market like anything else.


SugarCRM is one of the customer management tools serving thousands of companies that need good sales and marketing management.
SugarCRM is quite impressive with a variety of means of communication that it offers at a reasonable and affordable price. It also gives its Customer flexibility in the choice of deployment method.

5.Zoho CRM

ZOHO is a very effective and popular customer relationship management tool that has gained the trust of organizations in recent years. ZOHO has won numerous awards such as Expert’s Choice and Great Client Experience in recent years, proving its quality and productivity while maintaining consistent standards.


SAP CRM is one of the famous customer relationship platforms that has been created to improve your work capabilities and offers you a very good customer interaction experience for better business growth.

SAP CRM allows you to deploy the application in the cloud or on-site, depending on customer requirements. It plays an essential role in strengthening customer engagement, sales, and marketing. It automates and integrates all activities in contact with customers.

7.Nimble CRM

Nimble is a famous CRM software that has been developed for companies and professionals to create a better customer relationship in the multi-environmental and overcrowded world.

It provides a rapid approach to monitoring, engaging and strengthening business relationships. It helps to combine communications, customers in a single platform for a simple understanding.

8.Apptivo CRM

Apptivo was launched in 2009 as a business-friendly CRM solution. It is now used by more than 200,000 companies worldwide, with a market that spans 194 countries. It is rich in CRM functionalities, project management tools, communication, and invoicing functions and is specifically designed for small and medium-sized companies.

9.Oracle CRM

Oracle CRM is one of the best known and most reliable CRM tools on the market today among all customers. Oracle CRM offers you a complete, integrated and scalable application suite for modern customer experience. Oracle CRM provides you with effective solutions for marketing, sales, commerce, and social platforms. It is reliable and has a wide variety of deployment modes. It helps to create healthy relationships with clients.


Insightly is the world’s most popular CRM software for Google users with more than 1.5 million users worldwide. Companies use Insightly to manage contacts at every phase of the sales process, track customer relationships, monitor their sales network, and more.