The Top 10 Best SAAS Companies

The top 10 SaaS companies provide leading business management, productivity, and software service solution development.

More companies are relying on SaaS (software as a service) as a cloud computing solution option for delivering a selection of software applications to customers. The good thing is, they have a broad selection of saas cloud applications to choose from.

Here you will find the top 10 best SaaS companies:


Best SAAS companies

Google has 137 products focused on Internet-related services, such as its search engine, digital analysis, document creation, online advertising, etc. According to G2, it was ranked 92nd on market presence and 94 in satisfaction with an overall score of 93.



Adobe has more than 50 software products in the areas of digital media, marketing, printing, and publishing. In this report, it was ranked 86th in the market and 92 in satisfaction with an overall score of 91.


Slack has three products. Its main product, Slack, is a collaboration and discussion tool that allows internal messaging, video conferencing and productivity robots. He was ranked 85th in the market and 100% satisfied, with an overall score of 94.


Best SAAS companies

According to a recent Radicati study, an average of 125 e-mails is sent and received. Professional users every day, for a total of 124.5 billion. Despite this considerable volume, email marketing remains one of the most effective marketing channels for online businesses. According to Salesforce, it has been estimated that every dollar spent on email marketing generates a return on investment of $38. The return on investment is staggering at 3,800%.

For new entrepreneurs in email marketing, Mailchimp offers a powerful “free forever” plan that allows users to send up to 12,000 emails per month free of charge to 2,000 subscribers or less.

There are a large number of email marketing service providers, but none are perhaps more known and established than Mailchimp. According to Datanyze, Mailchimp has 55% of the market for e-mail marketing providers, more than any of its competitors. More than three-quarters of a million websites use Mailchimp for their email marketing needs.

In addition to its long-standing status in the Leader sector, Mailchimp enjoys an enviable customer satisfaction rate. With more than 8,000 reviews for G2 Crowd, Mailchimp has an average rating of 4.3 stars.


Best SAAS companies

Shopify is an e-commerce company with four products. Its main product, Shopify, is an e-commerce platform for online stores and retail outlets. Shopify ranked 87th in terms of market presence and 99% in satisfaction with an overall score of 94.


Best SAAS companies

Microsoft has more than 100 different cloud products used in different software. The software giant ranked 89th in the market and 98 in terms of satisfaction with an overall score of 94.


Best SAAS companies

SurveyMonkey, one of 15 SaaS companies listed in the 2018 IPO, has been helping companies discover what customers think of them since 1999. It is also one of the few SaaS titles to have made its debut this year and closed below the original asking price. On December 18, it closed at USD 10.97, down from its IPO price of USD 12.


Best SAAS companies

MathWorks is a mathematical computer software used by developers and product engineers. The company has four products. Its main company, MATLAB, ranked 85th in the market and 99% satisfied with an overall score of 93.


Best SAAS companies

HubSpot is an inbound marketing software publisher with tools focused on customer relationship management, social network marketing, content management, web analytics, and SEO. It was ranked 74th on market presence and 95% satisfied, with an overall score of 90.


Best SAAS companies

Dropbox is a cloud storage solution for documents and data. The company has four products. Its main product, Dropbox, was ranked 72nd in the market and 99 in satisfaction with an overall score of 90.


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