The challenges of omnicanality in customer relations

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How to take into account the challenges of omnicanality in Customer Relationship?

To answer this question, I am pleased to receive Julien Hervy, eXperience Client & Feedback Management consultant.

The The problem of omnicanality is that of the Customer Relationship in the new era: the Digital.

CRM software

The desire for instantaneity, the multiplication of points of contact and the levers of engagement and loyalty meet around this concept in which the control of data is key.

The issues of technology, cost control, and revenue growth come next.

It is the friction of brands with their customers that business opportunities are born.

It will still be necessary to choose the means to optimize them.

Although omnicanality is a matter of Artificial Intelligence (AI), it is good to think of it as a way for humans to focus more on what matters to the client: human relationships, as the case may be.

Employees, whether they are teleconferencers, salespeople or consultants, often miss time to concentrate on the essential: the emotions of the customer.

It is about understanding them and provoking good ones.

The human brain is the most effective intelligence to bring the customer’s expectations closer to his perceptions.

The whole purpose of a Customer Experience Strategy is to put the right organization in place, replicate best practices, and use the most appropriate tools.

And this, so that customer perceptions are the obvious link between expectations and experience delivered.

Just as the surgeon is the most likely to make a decision for the health of his patient in the face of the AI ​​who will have helped him in the realization of the medical diagnosis, the collaborator of a brand is more gifted to analyze the feelings of customers and choose how to enrich his career to better satisfy him.

Everything is a story of emotions, we said it.

When it comes to optimizing processes (speed, cost, quality) and making information available, the AI ​​has several shots ahead.

If we now take the example of the chatbot, this technology brings speed / responsiveness and detail / information in the analysis of human interactions.

But when emotions get involved, interactions become more complex: there is doubt, frustration, or any other feeling in a conversation. Only human can bring the touch of understanding and empathy to better interpret.

To make the choice of omnichannel today is to accept the complementarity Man / Technology.

There is necessarily a link between omnichannel and Customer Experience.

And it will exist in favor of the CX only if the interactions between Techno and Man are subtly spread over the customer journey.

Moreover, it is not a coincidence in 2019, a number of studies remind us that more than half of individuals prefer to speak with a brand’s employees rather than any other channel.

So it’s the phone that wins.

Without a doubt Are you familiar with this method of measuring the “mirror effect” of the customer experience, which consists in soliciting jointly the feedback of the customer and that of the tele-advisers on the experience that has just been delivered during the interaction.

This in a logic of continuous improvement, to evaluate the ability of collaborator to capture customer perceptions beyond what semantic analysis could do.

It will then be necessary for him to prove that he knows how to question himself in order to progress.

In my area of ​​expertise, the measurement of customer perceptions to enrich the CX, the Techno and the human are “trained” to collaborate so that the brands deliver distinctive and memorable experiences to the customers.

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