Slack refines its integration with Salesforce

It is now possible to directly search and manage accounts and customer opportunities from Salesforce in the Slack collaborative sharing and communication tool. The Workflow Builder business process management component comes out of the beta in parallel.

Slack connect with cloud applications

Slack continues its efforts to connect with other leading cloud applications. The latest integrations with Salesforce’s customer relationship management (CRM) and customer service applications should enable better information sharing between Salesforce and the team collaboration application, which has 12 million active users per day. Users can now search and preview Sales Cloud records, Salesforce’s CRM and sales management application, and Salesforce’s Service Cloud, Salesforce’s customer service software, as accounts and opportunities in Slack using a slash command to get details. They can also send Salesforce records for an account or directly to a Slack user or private channel, such as #customer-support, for example.

In addition, sales and service representatives using Salesforce will be able to see Slack conversations related to a recording of the CRM application. “The main benefit is that it allows for more transparent collaboration in their sales and service work,” said Brad Armstrong, Vice President of Business Development and Enterprise Development at Slack. “Salesforce is very concerned about the commitment to its product and the sales process is very collaborative. In addition to these integrations between the two platforms, Slack’s connection to the Salesforce Platform is also being considered. “Slack’s first integration with Salesforce Sales Cloud dates back to 2016, and since then it has been used by tens of thousands of teams,” Armstrong said.

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