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Six benefits of cloud backup solutions

Moving from the comfort of using a local backup to BaaS (Backup as a Service), not to be confused with Blockchain as a Service, can be a perfectly tailored solution for the needs of VSE-SMEs. It reduces the need to invest in infrastructure and applications that need to be managed internally. BaaS reduces management costs, simplifies monitoring, and reduces the need for capacity planning over time. Instead, administrators can focus on more important tasks.

These are the six advantages of a cloud-based backup solution.

Cost-effective solutions

BaaS solutions are fully scalable and allow you to pay only for what you need. Your BaaS investment can grow in line with your needs, allowing you to budget accurately.

Risk reduction

An in-house team that only responds to emergencies may not be able to quickly restore data, resulting in significant loss or downtime. With BaaS in place, a competent team and a high-performance solution is always available.

Reduction of investment

Small and medium-sized organizations can benefit from outsourcing key IT tasks, in addition to data protection and recovery capabilities. BaaS offers an alternative to keeping cloud backup staff in-house. Your on-site IT team can focus on supporting your business and on-site solutions rather than on contingency planning.

Peace of mind

BaaS customers enjoy unparalleled peace of mind, knowing that backup failures will be dealt with quickly, without having to worry about what to do after a loss or failure. Opting for BaaS also allows you to assign responsibility for achieving your Recovery Time Objective (RTO) and Recovery Point Objective (RPO) to someone else, reducing both stress and workload for your team.

Improved data accessibility

Even if your infrastructure is compromised or your physical location is lost, your team will still be able to access your data. Customers and prospects won’t have to wait for information or services, and your business won’t be affected by the devastating consequences of prolonged downtime if you combine BaaS with DRaaS (Disaster Recovery as a Service).

Quick and easy to implement

BaaS is a hands-free solution, which allows automated backups, synchronized according to the chosen schedule. This ensures fast recovery of even your most recent files and updates.

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