Samsung announces the Exynos 990, the processor of future high-end smartphones

No way to rest for Samsung. The Korea giant’s electronics design division unveils the next Exynos 990 processor. the 980 model (announced last September) did not even arrive on the market.

Star of Samsung Tech Day, the future Exynos 990 is intended to play the conductor in the most prestigious smartphones of the brand. It is Samsung’s first processor to use the 7 nm EUV (Extreme Ultra-Violet) etching method. It should offer up to 20% more performance compared to the previous generation chips.

His secret? He has more than one! But, the main thing is its CPU architecture composed of three sections of hearts and no more than two.

Three sections of hearts, a new GPU and plenty of AI

Thus, Samsung announces that the eight units of calculation present on the circuit of the chip would be cut out as follows: 2 of “home-made” for the computation intensive, 2 hearts high performance ARM Cortex-A76 and 4 hearts for the routines, of type cortex-A55. Hearts that all work with LPDDR5 memory whose bandwidth could reach 5500 MB / s.

The graphic calculation would be entrusted to the good care of a Mali-G77, imagined and presented by ARM last May. This new GPU would offer up to 20% more performance, while allowing up to 20% energy savings compared to the previous generation, to operate the same type of calculation. This display controller would also support screens up to 120Hz refreshed to give mobile video game enthusiasts a smoother experience, especially in titles requiring a lot of responsiveness (PUBG, Fortnite, or Call of Duty Mobile).

To discover also in video:

Within the Exynos 990 would also be present a unit NPU (Neural Processing Unit) with two brains, specialized in the processing of calculation and functions related to AI. A new DSP (Digital Signal Processor) is also on the menu and, combined with the NPU, the two units could reach computing speeds flirting with 10 trillion operations per second (TOPs).

Finally, the ISP (Image Signal Processor) present in the 990 would manage up to 6 camera modules, with the simultaneous use of three of them to achieve images with up to 108 Mpixels resolution. No doubt an improved version of the one in the future 980 which, as a reminder, supports 5 camera modules, offers the same option of aggregation and an identical image definition support.

A new modem that can go up to 7.3 Gbps

At the Tech Day, Samsung did not just announce the Exynos 990. It also introduced its brand new 5G modem, the Exynos Modem 5123. Also engraved using the same manufacturing process as the 990, the Modem 5123 supports all networks, from 2G to 5G sub-6GHz.

In terms of 5G precisely, the 5123 is capable of aggregating the power of up to 8 streams to reach a speed of 5.1 Gbps sub-6GHz, 7.35 Gpbs in mmWave. On 4G networks, the 5123 will reach speeds of 3 Gbps peak.

The Exynos 990 and the Exynos 5123 modem are made to work together, according to Samsung, which plans to start mass production by the end of this year. It remains to be seen whether they will be behind the screen of the future Galaxy S11 instead of the future Exynos 980 or if they are reserved for the next Note and Fold of the brand.

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