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Amazon Web Services Launches Quantum Computing Cloud Service

As part of the re: invent 2019 conference, Amazon Web Services launches its Cloud Braket service dedicated to quantum computing. A sudden and unexpected way to get into this field for the Seattle giant …

After Google, Microsoft and IBM, it’s Amazon’s turn to launch its Quantum Computing Cloud Service: AWS Braket. However, rather than build his own quantum calculator, the Seattle firm partners with D-Wave, IonQ and Rigetti to make their systems available via its cloud.

With this service, developers can develop algorithms and quantum applications and test them through simulations run on AWS and the quantum hardware of its partners. Developers also benefit from a fully managed Jupyter notebook environment to explore their algorithms. Many pre-installed tools and other tutorials will be included to allow novices to learn.

Amazon launches into quantum … without making its own calculator

It’s an ingenious strategy for Amazon, because it allows it to get started in the quantum race without making any material investment. The Quantum computers have not been installed in the Data Centers from the firm.

The deal is also a winner for the project partners, as they will be able to reach a much wider audience. Finally, developers and researchers will benefit from this agreement by accessing quantum tools through a unified interface.

In parallel, Amazon is also launching the AWS Quantum Solutions Lab and the AWS Center for Quantum Computing. The first will allow researchers to collaborate around this new technology alongside experts in quantum computing, Machine Learning and HPC. The second is a research center in which Amazon will fund and lead research on quantum computing.


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