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google cloud platform

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What is the Google Cloud Platform?

The Google Cloud Platform is the platform that brings together Google’s various cloud services. Find out everything you need to know about this platform: the benefits of GCP, the different services offered, their prices, and the training offered by Google to learn how to use these services.

The Google Cloud Platform is a suite of cloud services offered by Google. The platform brings together various Cloud services for computing, storage, networking, Big Data, Learning Machine, Internet of Things, security, cloud management and application development that are directly launched on Google servers.

Cloud services can be used by software developers, cloud admins and other IT professionals over the Internet or via a committed network connection. This service is not available to the general public, such as those who wish to host their memories on the cloud photo.

What are the benefits of Google cloud platform?

As all Cloud platforms, Google’s Cloud platform has the advantage of saving companies the management of an infrastructure, server provisioning and network configuration. In addition, Google also emphasizes the scalability of its infrastructure. Constantly updated and optimised, the platform benefits from Google’s know-how and is efficient, economical and secure.

Thanks to the serverless and fully managed computing system, users can go from prototype to production on a global scale without worrying about capacity, reliability or performance. The Google Cloud Platform’s strengths also include a backbone network of data centers made up of thousands of miles of fiber optic cable combined with advanced networking and edge caching services to deliver extreme performance. The Mountain View firm is also focused on security with a cloud infrastructure protected by more than 700 experts.

Google Cloud Platform: What are the main services?

The Google Compute Engine is an Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS) that allows users to run instances of virtual machines. This allows them to run their workloads in the cloud.

The Google App Engine is a Platform as a Service (PaaS). It allows software developers to access a scalable hosting offer. Developers can use an SDK to develop software compatible with the App Engine.

google cloud platform

Google Cloud Storage is a cloud storage platform designed to store large sets of unstructured data. Google also offers database storage options, such as Cloud Datastore for NoSQL storage, or Cloud SQL for MySQL. There is also the native G Cloud Bigtable database.

The Google Container Engine is a management and orchestration system for Docker containers running on Google’s public cloud. This system is based on the container orchestration engine Google Kubernetes.

The Google Cloud Platform also offers application development and integration services. For example, G Cloud Pub/Sub is a real-time managed messaging service that allows messages to be exchanged between applications. Similarly, Endpoints allows developers to create services based on RESTful APIs and make these services available for iOS, Android and JavaScript clients. Other services include Anycast DNS servers, monitoring, authentication, balancing and network interconnection services. The platform is compatible with 170 partner and/or third-party solutions. It can work with operating systems such as Windows Server 2015 or CentOS.

Certification: training courses are given by Google to master the platform

google cloud platfom

To help everyone master their cloud platform, Google offers learning programs and certifications. These include training programs in cloud infrastructure, data analysis, Machine Learning, application development and the use of the G suite software.

In addition, Google offers a total of three different certifications: Certified Professional Cloud Architect, Certified Professional Data Engineer, and Certified Professional G Suite Administrator. All three certifications can help IT professionals find employment or help them grow within their organizations. In addition, Google also offers an introduction to the platform in French.