5 simple tips from Social Selling on Linkedin

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To answer this question, I’m happy to receive Benoit Lacoste, B2B digital strategy consultant and web digital specialist.

In a 20-minute interview, Benoit Lacoste gives us 5 simple tips for Social Selling On Linkedin.

Why Social Selling on Linkedin?

First of all, Linkedin is the professional social network N ° 1, it is the directory of pros … and even more, because this directory is interactive and constantly updated by its members.

Then one of the specificities of B2B is that the act of purchase is long.

Which means that often the goal is to be perceived as one of the “references” in a field by his prospects, in order to be retained at the time of the call for tender.

For that we must stay in the memories and produce content regularly (quality content and differentiating preferably).

1 – Bet on the videos, and in your videos look after the first 10 seconds

The video is essential because it allows to pass a message quickly with a lot of possibilities both on the bottom, but also the form.

It is also “easy to consume” content, especially by leaders who are overwhelmed, and who have only a few minutes between two meetings between two taxis …

However, our attention time is limited, it is often said that a person’s attention does not exceed 8 seconds.

It is therefore necessary to make a “teaser” in your videos, but also cattract the attention of the person, and this usually happens with emotion.

This emotion can be fear, envy, asking questions, recalling an existing memory, telling a story …

To get there, it is necessary to prepare well and find the right angle.

For example, instead of making an Xth article on the sale, it’s better to start your video by saying “Can we still innovate in sales? This question, I’m sure you’ve all already asked. Do you have certainties?

This catch is that we will intrigue his listener and pique his curiosity.

We can also use the same principle in writing.

2 – Use Google’s algorithm to gain visibility.

Linkedin offers your network your content based on their popularity, comments, shares and likes.

In order, the most important is to have comments, then shares and finally “likes”.

Ideally you need to get these shares within 1 to 2 hours of publishing the content, and continue to get interactions on a regular basis to continue to benefit from a booster effect over time.

For this, Benoit advises us to use (with moderation!), “Pods”, private groups where participants help each other to promote their content.

You can create your own “pod” via a WhatsApp Group with 5 to 10 friends to initiate the virality of your content.

The interest of WhatsApp is that the application allows to have an immediate reaction via the smartphone.

3 – Take care of the form and content of your content

A more natural way is to have virality through the content and form of your content.

Often the good statuses on Linkedin simply ask questions to his network, and make them react.

Some people go even further, and encourage people to leave a comment to have a document, a video … instead of sending directly to a website.

The principle is to capitalize on the indirect visibility of people who have made comments.

Another point, is to use some tips:

  • Three maximum # on key themes
  • Add emoticons to make your content more readable
  • Add an article (not a status) to have a permanent “ad” on your profile.

4 – Mention influencers, contacts … to encourage them to comment

The principle is to mention in the article or in the comments of the people who will bring added value, an opinion …

They can be influencers, or just people you know who will react to your content.

5 – Use Growth Hacking Tools

Do not abuse these tools, but they can automate some actions.

Indeed a new relationship will see your content for a week or so, but if it does not interactions (like, comment …), then it will not see your content.

We must re-engage his contacts via a Linked Linkedin (inmail), and rather than do it by hand, tools like Linked Helper ($ 99 / year) do very well.

Linked Helper is also used to identify people who have commented, to add target types …

In conclusion on Social Selling on Linkedin …

Social Selling on Linkedin requires both the production of content to stay in memory, to engage in conversation and maintain the network.

Social Selling on Linkedin takes at least 15 to 30 minutes / day, but this regular work over time results in a cumulative effect that gives sometimes amazing results, both with people with whom you can build relationships of trust, but to get in touch with hundreds of people. If you want to know more about Social Selling and the creation of B2B content, you can contact Benoit Lacoste.