10 tips to bring people to your SaaS website

How to attract customers to your saas website? It has become a real challenge with the competition from the web and increasingly tight budgets.
To help you, I have put together 10 simple tips to bring people to your saas website!

1 – Use an original external sign to attract more customers to your SaaS website

The first thing a customer sees before they even walk into your saas website is the display and in particular the website sign.
This is why it is important to highlight it by opting for effective and impactful signage.
For example, barbers put the distinctive sign clearly visible.
But it is possible to do better, for example in the 5th district of Paris, all the traders put bears in their windows with each time a personalization according to the activity.
Well-made signage will make the customer want to enter your shop to discover the products found there. Signaling means anything that can attract the attention of people.
For example signs at the windows, the door or a fairly original logo on the building housing your shop.
Sometimes a simple billboard can be the right solution if you are original.
You could use the signs to display your other promotions or play on humor and emotion.

If you cannot opt ​​for this solution, you can turn to the displays in your shop windows.

Remember, however, that the important thing is not to present your products on these displays, but to attract the curiosity and the eye of passers-by.

It is important to surf on a trend, a fashion … If it is the holiday season, try to put themes on Christmas, on snow …

Whatever the time of year, you will have to try to bring out a theme that will make your saas website special.

To keep customers interested, don’t hesitate to take a look at the latest news on series, films and music.

You can also use trends, for example Game of Thrones to launch a range of products, services… dedicated to the series.

2 – Add an interactive screen to your display case

Signs and interactive displays are good ways to attract customers.

They have fun learning new information about your product, and you can rotate this screen outside of business hours.

In addition with a screen you can make mini videos on your products, your manufacturing, your staff …

3 – Make a promo by SMS to bring people to the saas website (example: VIP sales, private sales, etc.)

Promotional campaigns are good opportunities to increase sales.

Promotional offers can be offered in different ways. Either by making discounts, presenting exclusive offers or offering gifts during VIP evenings.

You can launch an SMS Drive to website campaign in order to have a maximum impact (the text messages are read at 95%, and depending on the promotion you can reach 15 to 30% of people who come to your event).

In addition to promotions, you could also host special events such as workshops.

For example, a wine merchant can offer an initiation to wine tasting, a clothing store, makeover classes, etc.

It’s a clever technique to attract people interested in the event as well as their friends.

4 – Add a photo and selfie space in your saas website so that your customers take pictures

Don’t just sell a product … create a real customer experience.

Customers don’t just have to walk into the saas website, make a choice and leave.

Your saas website should encourage them to interact with your products, in particular to take a photo.

To do this, you just need to create a “photos” or “Selfie” space specially dedicated to this purpose.

Just put some accessories (ex: mustaches, glasses…), original furniture and especially photos of people who have already taken photos in order to show The example.

It is also recommended to get your customers to talk about you on Instagram or Facebook by sharing their photos in your saas website in exchange for a coupon, a small gift … or just by organizing a contest like a vote for the best photo of the week with a prize to be won.

This will drive traffic and attract new customers to your saas website. This will encourage people to talk about you on the networks, and thus you will reach your customers’ friends at little cost.

If you are lucky enough to have a large space, you could install an Instagram wall with an inspiring and original message, photos …

5 – If you have a website, offer click & collect to attract customers to your saas website

One technique to attract customers to your saas website is to allow them to pay online, but to pick up the products in your saas website.

Customers benefit because they do not pay for delivery. In addition, you could take advantage of this channel to offer new products to them.

This technique is very interesting in clothing (people can try the product), or for gifts (they can order online and pick up the product to offer it).

To get customers to pay online and pick up their items in saas website, make discounts for those who choose this option.

The online website must be a channel to showcase the products sold in your physical store.

In addition, highlight the location of your saas website on your site using (map on Google Maps).

For example, by setting up a Google My Business profile, you will have an online presence for people who search your saas website. This will give you more visibility in the search engine results.

And in addition, use your Google My Business account to allow customers to leave a review.

To reassure customers, you must put enough details on your company page such as photos and all kinds of details on your saas website (opening hours …) are welcome.

6 – Create an event on your saas website (tasting …)

To attract people, you need to organize events in your saas website.

During these events, you could garner additional sales thanks to the craze, the new people who participate …

The events must be interesting to give customers to go there apart from wanting to add a product.

You could organize demonstrations on a weekly basis.

You can use the net to promote these events, or work in partnership with local artists (eg invite a DJ to come mix live, bring a pianist…).

7 – Add giant stickers on the window to an event your saas website

Showcases are the best communication channels to advertise for your potential customers who pass on the street.
But do not forget also the other spaces to be exploited such as for example the blind walls on the street, in the corridors…. With wall coverings and stickers you can grab the attention of buyers.

8 – Make Facebook Ads campaigns with audiences from the traffic generated on the most important pages of your website

97% of people who visit a website do not leave their details or do not buy …
It is therefore essential to retarget them on Facebook Ads in order to stay in their minds.
But you can do better, especially through similar audiences: that is to say that Facebook will identify what is the typical profile of visitors to your website, and will offer you similar people in its subscribers.
So you’re going to get “twins” from your customers without having to define a target.
Thanks to the latter, you will reach a new target that you do not even know!

9 – Set up a loyalty program

It’s a basic business: the point is not to have a person who comes once, but to bring the person back to your saas website.
The key is therefore to recover the contact details, for example via a reduction voucher in exchange for his telephone number, subscription to a loyalty card to immediately have a 5% reduction on the purchase …
It is essential to do everything to obtain his contact details and then give him good reasons to return, for example by a promotional SMS operation.
The loyalty program may also have the objective of increasing the average basket or bringing people back, for example, gifts after a certain number of checkouts.
The sponsorship system is also a good idea to put in place for word of mouth. Sponsors will win a gift if they recommend your saas website to their friends.
This is the case, for example, with Hippopotamus restaurants which offer a discount to regular customers.

10 – Offer services in addition to your products

It is important to bring more added value than simply reselling products …

Otherwise customers can very well buy online …

It is to offer a value-added experience to customers, it is necessary to go beyond the simple sale.

To do this, highlight services and advice.

This can be very simple, such as offering appetizer cakes and coffee to your customers so that they have a good time, and for you it is an opportunity to chat without “selling” (immediately ).

It can also be interesting to offer value-added services that will make life easier for your customers.

For example, instead of just selling regional products, you can offer home delivery of your products.

In conclusion, to attract customers to websites must we question ourselves?

As you should have in these 10 tips, to attract more customers to the website, you must challenge the old model of buying / reselling, but bring more added value.

Indeed, if price is your only advantage, you will always have someone who will be cheaper.

On the other hand, if you create a differentiating customer experience, then your customers will always have a good reason to come to see you.

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